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1- MNRL TEKSTİL SANAYİ VE DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş. (shall briefly referred as MNRL) shows maximum importance to the issue of safety of personal data in accordance with principles of adaptation with confidentiality of private life, protecting basic rights and freedoms of individuals and legal order, and gives attention to suitable processing, protection and sharing with third persons when required for all kinds of personal data of all customers including persons reading and accepting the membership agreement at www.mineralofficial.com web site and persons benefiting from services in accordance with 6698 numbered Law on Protection of Personal Data (shall briefly referred as KVK Law).

Within scope of 6698 numbered KVK law, MNRL TEKSTİL SANAYİ VE DIŞ TİCARET A.Ş. (MNRL), is the data supervisor. Data Supervisor MNRL and/or “Data Processor” persons to be assigned process and protect all kinds of personal data you shared with MNRL with your free will within scope of their responsibilities arising from the law and company principles in accordance with the KVK Law and all bodies and departments under MNRL roof are liable for acting in accordance with the KVK. 

2- Definitions under the 6698 numbered Law on Protection of Personal Data:

Express Permission: The permission related with information providing and given with free will regarding a certain issue, 

Related Person: The real person whose personal data is processed, 

Personal Data: All kinds of data regarding a real person whose ID is known or determinable, 

Processing of Personal Data: Provided that being a part of partially or completely automatic or any other data recording system, all kinds of transactions performed on data such as achieving, saving, storing, maintaining, modifying, re-organizing, disclosing, transferring, taking-over, making achievable, classifying or preventing use of personal data, 

Data Processor: The real or legal entity processing the personal data on behalf of the data supervisor depending on the authority given by the data supervisor,

Data Supervisor: The real or legal entity determining processing purposes and means of personal data, and being responsible for installation and management of the data recording system, 

3- According to the Law on Protection of Personal Data, it is compulsory to get express permission of the data owner relying on the informed data under the legal regulation regarding personal data and special personal data processing, protecting and transferring to third persons.

4- Your personal data are gathered and processed when you visit the web site to benefit from MNRL products and services and reading / accepting the membership agreement and filling membership information, sharing your personal data with MNRL with your express permission or for orders given without any membership, when the order is received and the page of information required for delivery is filled by you; additionally, they are also gathered and processed after you share them under your express permission with MNRL under any circumstances and relying on legal purposes of complying with the directive and company policies, performing our activities and providing the best service to you through the web site or mobile application and similar written or electronic media. 

These personal data may cover your name, surname, T.R. ID number, address, phone number, e-mail address, gender, date of birth, payment details, etc. data. Even you do not get a service without signing the MNRL membership agreement, if you visit the web site or applications, details on the data and hour you accessed to services, your IP address, operating system of your device and computer and details for pages you visited through the MNRL web site may be collected by MNRL.

Your personal data are processed for below given purposes in accordance with 5th and 6th clauses of Law on Protection of Personal Data:

Fulfilling requirements of regulations envisaged in the 6698 numbered KVK law,

Completely and correctly fulfilling responsibilities arising from the Agreement and related directives and smoothly providing products and services,

Contacting with you,

Informing about and giving the opportunity to get benefit from rendered services, campaigns and new applications,

Managing and concluding the process from receiving product orders until their delivery in the best way possible,

Enabling commercial and legal security of MNRL and real persons receiving services,,

Researching, reporting, supervising complaints and recommendations of customers in accordance with MNRL operation and activity scope, and subjecting them to legal and financial affairs,

Sending commercial electronic mail regarding our products and services in accordance with the legal regulation,

Providing information regarding subjects to be demanded by personal data owners,

Making feeedbacks regarding complaints, feedbacks to be given by the personal data owner.

5- Your personal data collected by MNRL may be transferred to our business partners, suppliers, shareholders, real and legal entities providing services to us provided that the safety is maintained through confidentiality agreements, companies providing us software services, processing and keeping company data, cargo companies contracted for product deliveries and legally authorized public organizations and private entities for determining company strategies and performing activities, implementation, fulfilling requirements of the legal regulation and fulfilling responsibilities arising from laws, enforcing human resources policies in accordance with personal data processing conditions and purposes given in 8th and 9th clauses of 6698 numbered Law on Protection of Personal Data. As mentioned above, your personal data may either be transferred in Turkey, or transferred to abroad as well to be processed and kept outside of Turkey (to countries having adequate protection for protection of personal data and/or provided that complying with conditions given in KVK for countries not having adequate protection). Your processed personal data shall not be illegally shared with third persons except ones listed above with defined purposes and authorities.

6- Your personal data collected by MNRL are kept in the company database in accordance with data security liabilities in the 12th clause of Law on Protection of Personal Data, and all required technical and administrative precautions are taken to prevent illegal processing of data, prevent illegal access and maintain their protection. The entire technical infrastructure is maintained for enabling the confidentiality of your personal data, and maximum care is given. Your personal data can only be accessed by persons accordingly authorized when required only by MNRL. In case your processed personal data are illegally acquired by others, the data supervisor shall immediately inform you and the Personal Data Protection Board and take all required precautions.

7- Correctness and up-to-date storage of the data you shared with MNRL are very important for you to use your rights on your personal data and in terms of the up-to-datedness under the KVK law and other related directives, and you shall solely bear all responsibilities arising from providing false information.

8- Rights of related persons whose personal data are processed in accordance with 11th clause of the Law on Protection of Personal Rights are listed below:

a) Learning whether the personal data is processed, 

b) If personal data are processed, demanding related information, 

c) Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used according to their purpose, 

d) Knowing third persons which personal data are transferred to in or out of the country, 

e) In case personal data are processed missing or false, requesting their correction, 

f) Requesting deletion or destroying of personal data in accordance with conditions envisaged in the 7th clause, 

g) Requesting notification of transactions performed under (d) and (e) paragraphs to third persons which personal data are transferred to, 

h) Making objection on any result against the person through analyzing processed data exclusively by automatic systems, 

i) In case of being exposed to any damage due to illegal processing of personal data, requesting compensation of any losses.

9- In accordance with 1st paragraph of 13th clause of Law on Protection of Personal Data, if you deliver your request for using your rights given above as the personal data owner in written form or with other methods defined by the Personal Data Protection Board to MNRL, the data supervisor MNRL shall conclude demands given in the application within thirty days at latest free-of-charge depending on type of the demand. However, in case the process requires any additional cost, the fee in the tariff defined by the Board shall be considered.

Personal data owners willing to use their rights given above, may send their written and signed petition containing explanations for the right requested to be used among rights defined in 11th clause KVK law with information and documents required to determine their identities to Nisbetiye Mah. Nisbetiye Cad. Ayyıldız İş Merkezi, No:4/4 Beşiktaş/İstanbul address by hand, through notary or certified mail.